Unveiling Umbrella Policy Insights: Your Trace to Comprehensive Protection

When you need to know an insurance company’s limits to help your client with their injury claim, an umbrella policy trace is the answer. At Pacific Liability Research, we help you level the playing field through pre-litigation insurance assessment and discovery.

In this way, you will be able to verify insurance coverage and do more for your clients. An umbrella policy trace is the best way to ensure that a defendant has enough coverage to pay for the damages owed and may even reveal two policies rather than one in the report.

A policy existence trace gives you comprehensive information that allows your clients to pursue the maximum damages for their injuries through the defendant’s insurance company. Contact Pacific Liability Research today to get a free consultation and learn more about our fast and accurate services.

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The Importance of an Umbrella Policy Trace

An umbrella policy trace is crucial when significant liability is involved in your case. If you’ve already obtained all the required information about a defendant’s insurance policy limits, there may be more hidden behind the scenes.

The auto insurance policy information may reveal that the coverage is insufficient to cover the injuries and damages your client has suffered. You would then need to pursue assets to resolve your case. However, if you uncover an umbrella policy through a trace, you have the potential to recover a higher settlement.

Pacific Liability Research can find any existing umbrella policy, allowing you to know the full policy limits and provide the best level of representation for every plaintiff.

The Umbrella Policy Trace Process

At Pacific Liability Research, we provide quality assurance through multiple software systems, databases, and resources that we cross-check and verify using the date of loss. This advanced technology enables us to check the status of these policies through insurance carriers to determine coverage that the defendant has in place.

This gives you a full look at the at-fault party’s auto liability policy, allowing you to know exactly what you can seek as you represent injury victims for fair compensation. Since time is of the essence when bringing a lawsuit, we can quickly provide this information to you with full accuracy.

Why Use an Umbrella Policy Trace?

When a defendant has an umbrella policy, they have excess coverage that can be used to cover the damages for the plaintiff. The sooner you uncover this, the more time and money it saves you in the discovery process.

With a policy number and other essential information, you can also use it to decide whether to take on a new case before you put your time and money into it. Knowing these policy limits in advance allows you to make your demands on behalf of an injury victim to reduce litigation and maximize your return on investment.

When you use Pacific Liability Research to search for umbrella policies, you can get a realistic value of your case while maximizing the settlement amount. This gives you the chance to be fully armed with information when entering into the claims process. The more information you have, the better work you can do to represent the injury victims who count on you.

Why Work with Pacific Liability Research?

When you need to identify whether or not the at-fault party has another vehicle policy or an umbrella policy, let Pacific Liability Research be of service in providing research for your expert litigation. Our mission is to provide equality, transparency, and fairness to the injury claim process.

Our insurance coverage tracing service allows you to quickly get the information you need to make an informed decision while representing every client. Each of our research team members is highly trained and proficient in open-source information technology and online forensic research.

If the other party has more insurance coverage available, we will find and identify the policy with accuracy, providing all the information you need from the specific date it began to what is covered — and everything in between. Think of us as your partners in research, aiding in your best discovery that ultimately benefits the injury victims you represent.

Request a free consultation for our services by filling out the request form and let us be the ace in the hole you need for success as a personal injury attorney.