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When injury victims come to you for help obtaining compensation from a negligent driver, you need to build a strong case. This involves investigating to gather the right information such as the insurance policy and insurance coverage on a particular vehicle.

Personal auto policy limits will vary, and it isn’t always easy to find out the insurance policy limits for auto insurance or an umbrella policy. Policy limit tracing helps you quickly find insurance policy limits to ensure you seek maximum compensation for your clients.

At Pacific Liability Research, we level the playing field for law firms by not only verifying policy existence but also revealing financial viability for a potential verdict. You’ll have all the relevant information you need to do your best litigation.

Insurance liability limit tracing services give you the bigger picture of policy limits that can apply in each case. This allows you to stay ahead of the game when negotiating to do more for your clients. Contact our team today to set up a free consultation and learn more about how our services can help you before you get to the discovery process.

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The Significance of Policy Limit Traces

For any type of personal injury accident, the insurance company is a big part of the claims process. Whether your client was injured by a dog bite, product liability, or in a motor vehicle accident, the negligent party should make up for the medical treatment cost and other losses.

A policy limits trace helps you practice due diligence when gathering information. You may discover much more with this deep search than you would from the insurance information at your disposal. Having a policy limits trace or an umbrella policy trace helps determine how much you can seek on behalf of your clients.

Our experts at Pacific Liability Research give you all the information you need to know the full extent of coverage under all insurance policies for the defendant. This allows you to save time while making the most out of every settlement.

Give your best to the injury victims you represent by gaining quick access to the insurance policy with full accuracy to gain better verdicts and settlements.

The Policy Limits Trace Process

At Pacific Liability Research, we help attorneys track down the relevant policy number and coverage available to the defendant. We use multiple software systems, databases, and resources, then crosscheck and verify each one to provide valuable insights for your cases.

If you take on a new client after a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you can find the auto insurance policy listed on the police report. However, it may be an exercise in futility to find out during the pre-litigation process how far those policy limits extend.

Going through the discovery process with only part of the information you need means that you incur costs and spend time. This can be better spent by getting policy limit tracing to be fully armed when representing injury victims. By supplying the policy number, insurance company name, date of loss, and information about the defendant, you will soon have what you need in hand to demand a fair settlement.

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The information provided to attorneys during a policy trace is incredibly valuable. While we cannot guarantee that the policy uncovered was in effect on the specific date of loss, it can still provide you with the leverage you need to succeed.

Policy limits tracing can also help you decide if a case is worth pursuing. Using Pacific Liability Research to conduct your policy limit tracing provides more facts that will ensure you can seek the maximum amount of compensation and pursue justice for the injury victims you represent.

Why Choose Pacific Liability Research to Trace the Limits of Insurance Policies

When an injury victim comes to you for representation because they cannot get what they deserve from a claim, you should use every resource possible. The way to work smarter rather than harder is through policy limit tracing.

Our insurance policy tracer will uncover the vital information you need and get it to you quickly. This allows you to focus on conducting your best litigation with the leverage you need to turn the tables. Request a free consultation today with Pacific Liability Research to learn how you can get the most money for clients with personal injury cases.