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When you represent injury victims in personal injury cases, your goal is to obtain fair compensation. To do this, you need a strong case with evidence that proves negligence.

Additionally, being armed with a full understanding of the defendant’s insurance policy limits can serve to help you negotiate. Through a policy existence trace, also known as a policy discovery trace, you can find out more about the policy existence and policy limits, which puts you in the best position to negotiate.

At Pacific Liability Research, we help attorneys and law firms level the playing field through our flagship services. We provide policy existence trace services, umbrella policy tracing, and liability limit tracing services to give you the information you need to do more for your clients.

We give you the bigger picture by finding existing policies for any defendant to keep you one step ahead. You’ll have exactly what you need to leverage a better settlement. Contact our team today for a free consultation to learn how our services can give you the relevant information you need to succeed with settlements and verdicts.

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The Importance of Policy Existence Trace

For any type of personal injury accident from product liability cases to car accidents, insurance companies are part of the process. The defendant may not have provided insurance information at the scene of a car crash, or in cases of dog bites, it may not be clear if the dog owner is also a homeowner with insurance.

With a policy existence trace, you are better able to practice due diligence when gathering information to build your case. Our deep search can help you determine the existence of an insurance policy and the policy limits, allowing you to clearly assess the amount of compensation you can seek for your injury clients.

Our experts at Pacific Liability Research give you the insurance company information you need to know along with the level of insurance coverage. You will also know the policy limit for the defendant’s liability insurance before the discovery process. This saves you time while allowing you to get better settlements and verdicts.

The Policy Existence Trace Process

At Pacific Liability Research, we help attorneys discover the existence of policies and policy limits through our extensive research capability. We have multiple databases, software systems, and resources that we can use to access, crosscheck, and verify, delivering the valuable insights you need to be a success in negotiations or in the courtroom.

You can always file a lawsuit and get the information you need during the discovery process. However, this takes up time and has added costs. It’s much better to go into the discovery process fully armed with information about the defendant’s insurance policy and policy limits as it can save time and money.

Additionally, when you conduct a policy existence trace prior to accepting a client, you can determine whether or not taking the case is a fruitful endeavor. While it’s important to note that there is no guarantee that the insurance policy existed on the specific date of loss, having this vital information could be the bargaining chip you need for winning a case.

Policy Existence Trace Experts

The information provided to attorneys about an insurance policy during a policy discovery trace is invaluable in the legal industry. It provides the leverage you need to stay ahead of the defendant’s team and do your best work for those who have suffered from serious injuries.

Policy existence tracing through Pacific Liability Research helps determine if insurance policy coverage exists and what the limits are for every situation. You’ll have the upper hand in negotiations when pursuing compensation for those who need financial recovery.

Why Choose Pacific Liability Research for Policy Existence Tracing

Personal injury attorneys need support when conducting investigations for their clients. The information you uncover is vital, though it can take up much of your time. Without the proper resources, you may be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

When it comes to insurance coverage retrieval solutions, you get to know the existence of a policy along with its limits, allowing you to know how much compensation you can pursue for your clients.

Choose Pacific Liability Research, the market leader in policy existence tracing services. We work on a no-find, no-fee basis, meaning that there is no charge if we can’t successfully process your tracing request. Set up a free consultation today to learn more about how this process helps you do more for the injury victims you represent.