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We provide the liability limits of the at-fault party prior to litigation.


Execute custom treatment plans for your clients.


We utilize multiple software systems to crosscheck all claims information.


Discover the policy limits that support a claim within days of taking on a client.

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We provide the liability limits of the at-fault party prior to litigation. Our goal is to assist all of our clients in achieving maximum settlements. We offer searches from personal auto to homeowner's, commercial and policy existence.


There will be no charge to you if we cannot obtain results.

Virtual Team Meeting

Team Training Webinars


Pacific Liability Research is excited to announce that we are now offering informative webinar training for you and your staff. Learn the benefits of our service, how to use it effectively, and gain the most out of your partnership with us. 

We will offer insight and knowledge on a variety of different topics in the industry, including but not limited to:


How to discern what exact coverages you need

Explanation of pricing structures and bundles

How to submit multiple requests at one time

Explanation of various searches offered

RAI's (requests for additional information)

Policy Existence searches and what they entail

Expected turn around times & expedited delivery

Full benefits of our services

Learn the key factors of successful searches


Feel confident that your staff and colleagues have the knowledge and understanding to get the most out of our services, so you can focus on what matters most: your clients. Gain exceptional knowledge of all aspects of our research so you can better fight for your clients. 

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We are committed to earning all of the business of our clients and would like to reward you for your loyalty. Today we are rolling out our loyalty program available to all our customers.


 This loyalty program will automatically reward you a free personal auto case or $140 credit towards your next invoice for every 1400 points you earn. 1 point is rewarded for every dollar you spend. At any time you will be able to check the status of your account to see exactly how much loyalty points you have accrued. 


Each customer will have their own account that must be set up individually. We are currently unable to offer a loyalty account to a law firm as a whole. If this is something you would like to do you would need to create a single account for your firm and have one person run all of your firm’s policy requests through that account.


Accounts are tied to whichever name and email is provided in the “Requester Name’ and “Requester E-mail” fields on our online request form. This is where your invoice and attached results will be sent as well as any reward points earned through the payment of that invoice.


If you are already regularly using our service we encourage you to take advantage of this program right away. Effective immediately any client who uses Pacific Liability will qualify. To create your account status click on the link below:

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We are proud to announce our new and improved request form that is streamlined and tailors to your needs. Thanks to Cognito Forms we are now offering some new features that our old request form did not:


*SUBMIT MULTIPLE CASES ON ONE REQUEST - We understand that your time is valuable. Rather than having to send one request at a time you can now click the "+ Add Case" button and add as many cases to that request as needed. This is especially helpful when you have multiple policies you need checked for the same accident. 


*HAVE YOU WORKED WITH US BEFORE? - If you have, no longer will you have to fill out all of your firm's information every time you submit a request. Now by answering "yes", all the information we will need is your full name, firm name, and email address to submit your request. One more thing that will make filling out a request quicker and easier.


*POLICY EXISTENCE - Do you know the insurance carrier for your case? If not, click "No" and watch the request form transform before your eyes. By clicking "No", all the fields requiring insurance information will automatically be dropped off leaving only the fields applicable to a policy existence request. No longer will you be required to fill out unnecessary fields with "N/A" or "Unknown". We require a $100 dollar nonrefundable deposit on all policy existence requests and you will be required to pay the deposit upon submission of your request.


*PRICING AND FEES SHOWN ON REQUEST FORM - Never again worry about unexpected fees or the cost of running each individual search request. For your convenience we have listed all of our pricing next to the options on the request form so there will be no doubt of confusion about exactly how much you will pay with the successful processing of your request. As always, we DO NOT charge if we cannot process your request.


*IS THE DEFENDANT THE POLICYHOLDER? - If so, click "yes" and the fields for policyholder information will be swallowed up back into the request form only requiring you to fill out defendant information. Just one more thing saving you time and preventing you from providing unnecessary information.


We hope that you enjoy the new changes and that you'll find it easier and more convenient to submit your case requests. Here at Pacific Liability we are committed to always looking for new ways to improve the experience for you, our valued clients. There are no lengths we won't go to achieve this. We are always open to any suggestions or ideas you may have. If you have some you would like to share please email us at: help@pacificliability.com. As always, thank you for your business and we look forward to working with you!



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