Personal Injury

at its peak.

Discover necessary information about a case within days of taking on a new client.


Create treatment plans with advanced information

Take on a new client with confidence in knowing how to handle their case's individual needs. Navigate the claims process with ease and efficiency using our innovative solutions.


Industry leading, comprehensive research

Liability investigations

We provide the liability limits of the at-fault party prior to litigation.

Ensure maximum settlements

Execute custom treatment plans for your clients.

Quality control

We utilize multiple software systems to crosscheck all claims information.

Discover limits within days

Discover the policy limits that support a claim within days of taking on a client.














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Fund Capital America

FCA Legal Funding is California’s leading lawsuit funding specialists. Their years of experience within the personal injury industry have led them to develop a Financial Relief Program that assists both the plaintiff and the law firm in obtaining the funds to cover the plaintiff’s everyday expenses until their case settles. 

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What attorneys like you say

"You guys went above-and-beyond for me. Thank you. You will be used in all of our insurance-search needs, promise."

"I am happy with the services and look forward to working with you in the near future. Happy New Year!"

"I am so pleased. Where have you guys been all my life?"

How our research makes an impact


Accident involving DUI hit and run, the defendant was later apprehended. We believe their bodily injury coverage to be a minimum of $250,000 plus possible Umbrella coverage. The defendant might be associated with other addresses, but listed is the only address we have. We believe this is a personal insurance policy but it might be a commercial policy.


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the apprehended defendant's insurance coverage and confirmed the client's suspicions of a bodily injury liability policy worth $250,000/$500,000. Also discovered was a personal Umbrella policy covering the claim, with a limit of $1,000,000.


In as little as one business day, results pertaining to the claim in question were found and submitted. Our client was then able to demand and negotiate a fair settlement for his injured client who was not at fault for the accident. 


This is a tragic single car crash, which resulted in a wrongful death. The defendant was insured by Geico and died in the crash. We have no info on him. No CDL, no address, no date of birth. 


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the deceased defendant's insurance coverage, discovering bodily injury liability with limits of $15,000/$30,000. 


Successful results in a timely manner allowed our client to utilize resources in as little as 12 business hours from the time he submitted his request. 


Flexible pricing for your firm


$750/5 cases*

Flat fee for 5 personal auto limit inquiries

Case upgrades (i.e., Homeowner's searches, Commercial searches, add on Umbrella searches, increasingly aged dates of loss) will incur additional fees invoiced upon receipt of successful results


Excludes Policy Existence searches

  • 5 Personal Auto policy limits searches
  • 50% off specialty insurance carrier fees
  • 20% off aged dates of loss fees



Get in touch for a custom quote

We will analyze your service needs and usage volume to negotiate a custom price for your firm. Enterprise pricing can be bundled to include combinations of the following:

  • Discounts on a per case basis
  • Discounts for cases submitted in bulk
  • Waived fees for specialty carriers
  • Waived fees for aged dates of loss
  • Expedited processing options

Need clarification?

Is there really NO charge for no results?

There is absolutely no charge to you if we cannot obtain your requested results. However, it is important to note that a result of "No Coverage" or "Cancelled Policy" will be charged full price. This is because a search that results in these findings verified by the date of loss is still considered to be a successful result, even though we did not find applicable limits. 

*Policy Existence searches require a nonrefundable $150 deposit in which you will not be reimbursed upon an unsuccessful search. If your Policy Existence search returns no results, there will be no additional fees. 

What if I don't know the at-fault party's insurance carrier?

If you do not know the at-fault party's insurance carrier, no problem! We will research your case as a Policy Existence request. This means that we will search all applicable data relating to the claim to uncover an active insurance policy on the date of loss. If results are found, you will be provided with the insurance carrier, the policy number, and the policy effective dates. This service does not include a search for policy liability limits, however you can request those for an additional fee. 

What are specialty carriers, and why is there an additional fee?

Specialty carriers consist of a list of insurance carriers that require more extensive time and attention. Because of this, they are more expensive for us to research and will require an additional fee of $30 upon completion of successful results. These specialty carriers include:

AAA, Mercury, Farmers, Foremost, 21st Century, State Farm, and Bristol West. 

We do not accept USAA or Wawanesa search requests. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We will gladly refund your money upon verified proof of incorrect results. We stand behind our results 100% and aim for complete accuracy each and every time, however there may be instances of discrepancies between us and our third party data servers. In such instances, we will request that you provide us with a copy of the report indicating differential coverages. We will then rerun your search to verify our findings and locate the error. 

What makes Pacific Liability different?

We are proud to be different, and proud to stand out! Pacific Liability Research is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in an industry that is often lacking those qualities. We employ a sure-fire method of data analysis, research, quality control, and customer service to ensure your satisfaction- every time. All of that, paired with competitive pricing and customization to provide you with endless possibilities in utilizing our service.