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You submit your case information

When your request is submitted, it first reaches our Inquiry Department where it is preliminarily evaluated to ensure that all pertinent information has been included.

Our researcher opens your case

After the case is briefly looked over by our Inquiry Department, it is assigned to the researcher most qualified to quickly & efficiently fulfill your request.

Your case is placed under our microscope

The well trained & qualified researcher assigned will begin conducting their search almost immediately. Our staff are encouraged to treat each and every case with utmost pride and sensitivity- your case information is always 100% safe and secure every step of the way.

Your results are obtained

Once case results are obtained, the researcher will gather all final information and submit their findings into our comprehensive results portal.

Results are sent to Quality Assurance for review

The results submitted to the portal will be sent to our Quality Assurance team, who will reopen the case with a fresh set of eyes and cross verify every piece of information obtained. Every result is cross referenced and verified (twice) by the date of loss you provided. 

Results are cross-verified to ensure accuracy upon approval

While in Quality Assurance, each case will be intricately reexamined to ensure that all loose ends have been tied. The Quality Team will verify policy effective dates, policy numbers, policy coverages, and any additional information found to confirm the accuracy of each result.

Your results are sent to Accounting & attached to your final invoice


Once approved, the case will finally enter its last phase in processing. Our Invoicing Specialist will retrieve the case request submitted by you and compare it to all results found by our Research Team. This allows us to confirm that every aspect of your request has been fulfilled prior to closing the case. 

Your results and invoice are sent to the email provided


The results obtained by Pacific Liability Research will be compiled and attached to your final invoice. The invoice will include any itemized charges or accommodations associated with you or your firm, as well as a .pdf file of our findings to save for your records.

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Industry leading, comprehensive research

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Liability evaluations

We evaluate the at-fault party's insurance information so you can know exactly what your client is legally entitled to.

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Ensure maximum settlements

Execute custom treatment plans for your clients and increase their ability to achieve a maximum settlement offer.

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Quality Assurance

We utilize multiple software systems, databases, and resources to crosscheck and verify all claims information by the date of loss you provide.

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Discover limits within days

Experience peace and satisfaction in knowing exactly how to represent your client, in half the time.




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FCA Legal Funding is California’s leading lawsuit funding specialists. Their years of experience within the personal injury industry have led them to develop a Financial Relief Program that assists both the plaintiff and the law firm in obtaining the funds to cover the plaintiff’s everyday expenses until their case settles. 

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How our research makes an impact


Accident involving DUI hit and run, the defendant was later apprehended. We believe their bodily injury coverage to be a minimum of $250,000 plus possible Umbrella coverage. The defendant might be associated with other addresses, but listed is the only address we have. We believe this is a personal insurance policy but it might be a commercial policy.


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the apprehended defendant's insurance coverage and confirmed the client's suspicions of a bodily injury liability policy worth $250,000/$500,000. Also discovered was a personal Umbrella policy covering the claim, with a limit of $1,000,000.


In as little as one business day, results pertaining to the claim in question were found and submitted. Our client was then able to demand and negotiate a fair settlement for his injured client who was not at fault for the accident. 


This is a tragic single car crash, which resulted in a wrongful death. The defendant was insured by Geico and died in the crash. We have no info on him. No CDL, no address, no date of birth. 


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the deceased defendant's insurance coverage, discovering bodily injury liability with limits of $15,000/$30,000. 


Successful results in a timely manner allowed our client to utilize resources in as little as 12 business hours from the time he submitted his request. 


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