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Defend your clients with all the right tools

We provide security in understanding the complete ins and outs of your client's claims. Learn exactly what they are entitled to in as little as 6 hours, for a number of injuries and accidents. 

Car Accidents

We research car accident cases related to a number of causes including DUI's, speeding violations, wrong turns, negligence, and many more.

Slip & Falls

Did your client slip & fall at a residence? We will uncover the exact amount he/she is entitled to.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can create a number of injuries, racking up the medical bills very quickly. Allow us to find the coverage limits of the at-fault party.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death case can present with many stressors and emotions. We will discover what your client is rightfully owed in the event of wrongfully losing a loved one.

Motorcycle Accidents

Just as with car accidents, motorcycle accident cases can be related to a number of causes. No matter what that is, we are here for you.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists can be extremely vulnerable to accidents related to vehicles and negligence. When this happens, allow us to discover what your client is owed.

Hit Pedestrians

We have conducted a number of searches for attorneys whose clients are injured pedestrians. Medical bills and other expenses can become overwhelming very quickly- but they don't have to.

Abuse & Neglect

From abuse at in-home facilities to neglected maintenance at a residence, it is important to remember your options when representing a victim of such claims.


Ensure your Clients Get the Most Out of Your Representation

  • Imperative Needs

  • Customizable Solutions

  • Flexible Billing

  • Powerful Results

Settle personal injury claims in a fraction of the time

Our services allow you to gain insight into your clients claim without wasting any time. Discover new solutions, create fool proof plans, and navigate the claims process with ease. We will meet your imperative need for information in as little as 6 hours with expedited processing. 

Use only the services you need

Our research products are tailored to fulfill only the information you need, which means you don't have to worry about paying for what you don't. We have options to customize your results to give you exactly what you're searching for without the hassle.

Pay per search or bundle services

Whether you need every search we have to offer, or just one- we can bill you accordingly. We work for attorneys who prefer to be billed individually for each client they are representing, and some who prefer to have their entire firm's services on one invoice. Whatever your need may be, we are here to accommodate you. 

Utilize our information to maximize your client's settlements

By partnering with us, you will finally be able to enter the claims process with full clarity and insight on your client's case. Ensure that your clients receive the most from your representation by utilizing every piece of valuable information available to you via our services. With Pacific Liability Research, your clients will have every opportunity needed to maximize their settlements. 


Need clarification?

Are there really NO charges for NO results?

There is absolutely no charge if we are unable to successfully process your request. However, it is important to note that a result of "No Coverage" or "Cancelled Policy", are considered confirmed results. 


What are "Specialty Carriers", and why do they cost more?

Specialty carriers are a select group of prominent insurance carriers taking up a large portion of the insurance marketplace . There are higher costs associated with processing these requests requiring extensive time, attention, and expertise. Although the majority of other research firms have stopped accepting these cases all together, Pacific Liability Research continues to be a fast, reliable option. The specialty carrier fee of $30 simply covers the additional costs required to process your case and gives our firm the ability to continue accepting and processing specialty carrier requests for our clients. Below is a list of specialty carriers for your reference:

State Farm, Mercury, Farm Bureau, AAA, Farmers Group (Foremost, Bristol West, 21st Century, Farmers).

What if I don't know the at-fault party's insurance carrier?

If you do not know the at-fault party's insurance carrier—no problem! We will research your case as an Insurance Discovery request. In processing an Insurance Discovery request, we will search all applicable data relating to the claim to uncover an active insurance policy on the date of loss. If successful, you will be provided with results that include the insurance carrier, policy number, effective date, and policy limits. All requests require a $150 non-refundable in order to be submitted. Your deposit will be reflected on your invoice as a discount. If unsuccessful, there will be no further charges assessed and you will be provided with a summary of findings. 

Is there an affordable alternative to the Insurance Discovery search?

If the insurance discovery search is a little out of your price range we now offer the cursory search requiring only a $75 deposit for submission. If successful, your results will include the insurance carrier, contact info, policy term, and named insured." Identical to the insurance discovery search, your deposit is applied as a credit to your final invoice when successfully processed. If our investigation is unsuccessful, there are no further charges to you.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We will gladly refund your money upon receipt of supporting documentation of inaccurate results.

We stand behind our quality results and aim for complete accuracy on each and every case. However, if there is a discrepancy located, your search will be rerun at no charge to verify our findings and issue a full refund.

What makes Pacific Liability Research special?

We are proud to be different, and proud to stand out! Pacific Liability Research is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in an industry that is often lacking those qualities. We employ a sure-fire method of data analysis, research, quality control, and customer service to ensure your satisfaction- every time. All of that, paired with competitive pricing and customization to provide you with endless possibilities in utilizing our service. Plus, we care!

Take Control of the Claims Process