What We Do

Professional Liability Investigations

We are a professionally licensed and insured research group specializing in policy information as it pertains to pending liability claims.

State-of-the-Art Software

Through our cutting-edge software, decades of experience in the claims industry, and contacts with hundreds of different insurance carriers and 3rd party handlers, Pacific Liability Research is equipped to support all of your firm’s needs.


We use multiple software systems to crosscheck all claims information verified by the date of loss, to bring you consistently fast and accurate policy limits. 

Ensure Maximum Settlements

Our service allows you to strategize and execute custom treatment plans for your clients, ensuring maximum settlements for every case you take on.

Discover Limits Within Days

Eliminate the risk of having your clients potentially over treat. Discover the policy limits that support a claim within days of taking on a client, to determine the best way to proceed.  

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