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Umbrella limits will be made available for optional purchase for an additional $85

Policy Limit Assessment

Policy Limit Assessment


Insurance Policy Cursory Search

Insurance Policy Cursory Search


Insurance Discovery Search

Insurance Discovery Search


Searches include
the following:
Policy Number
Policy Period
Policyholder Verification
Date of Loss Verification
Expedited Options
Umbrella Verification
Liability Limits
Non-Refundable Deposit Required
Insurance Carrier
Summary of Findings

Policy coverages regardless of type

Results Include: Requested coverage limits cross-referenced by DOL, Complimentary Umbrella Verification on all personal auto and homeowners policies

  • Powerful insight into your client's  claim using the information you already have.
  • Must include name of carrier and claim or policy number in submission.
  • All customer results are inspected and reviewed prior to forwarding.
  • Commercial policy requests require 5 to 7 business days processing time.
  • All other policy requests require 3 to 5 business days processing time.
  • NO charge if unsuccessful

Create a custom treatment plan for your client based on available coverage. This search covers all personal auto policies. Highest accuracy in the industry you can be confident in the accuracy of your provided limits.

Find the applicable coverage for your clients' case offering hassle free limits on all homeowners, landlords, or renters policies. Umbrella pricing matches.

Can be ordered for most commercial policies and coverages including; commercial auto, general liability, UM/UIM, and commercial umbrella policies. Umbrella verification not included.


Let us point you in the right direction

Results Include: Insurance Carrier, Contact Info, Effective Date, and Policyholder

  • Newest service package to be offered by Pacific Liability Research.
  • Requiring only a $75 deposit, the Cursory search offers an easy and affordable alternative to our Insurance Discovery search when needing to identify any additional coverage or supporting policies.
  • For successful processing, deposit is applied as a credit to final invoice.
  • NO charges assessed past initial non-refundable deposit if results unsuccessful.
  • Up to 14 days processing time 

Utilize this search to perform a due diligence check for policy coverage prior to dropping cases without known coverage. First liability comes from the policy insuring the vehicle. Second liability comes from any policy covering the driver on the date of loss.

This includes renters and landlord policies as well. Research into any applicable umbrella policies, either private or corporate, cost the same if requesting a homeowners policy.

Leave no stone unturned in your required due diligence. Have us review your commercial claims for justified due diligence. Do not be fooled into potentially passing up millions in commercial coverage.


Obtain an additional policy offering coverage 

Results Include: Insurance Carrier, Policy Number, Policy effective date verified by DOL, Base Liability

  • $150 non-refundable deposit required
  • For successful processing, deposit is applied as a credit to final invoice.
  • Included with all inconclusive results you will be provided with our summary of findings.
  • Policy found must offer coverage and be active on the date of loss.
  • NO charges assessed past initial non-refundable deposit if unsuccessful.
  • Up to 14 days processing time

Whether a hit and run or the at-fault party is just not cooperating. Your client is injured and you need to find coverage for this claim. There is no indication of who the carrier could be and all you have is the driver's vehicle info. Request this search to begin an investigation into the unknown carrier providing coverage.

Request a comprehensive search for any potential homeowners or renters policies offering coverage in your case. Typically requested with dog bite cases, ladder falls, and accidental drownings. Search carries a high probability of success. More often than not the requested policy is found.

From commercial trucking to corporate slip and falls and excess policies.  Allow our experts to undergo a liability analysis on your case. Let our experienced staff troubleshoot and identify any potential liability leading to additional policies. Even if unsuccessful our summary of findings can be used to show due diligence prior to UM/UIM dispersal. 


Submit your first request today and gain powerful insight into your client’s injury claim without wasting time or money. Discover the immediate impact our service can provide. Increase your average settlement by 20%. Navigate your client's injury claim with effortless ease offering custom treatment plans utilizing available the available coverage to treat their injury/injuries. Pacific Liability Research will meet this imperative need of our clients with enthusiasm!