Flexible pricing for your firm


$750/5 cases*

Flat fee for 5 personal auto limit inquiries

Case upgrades (i.e., Homeowner's searches, Commercial searches, add on Umbrella searches, increasingly aged dates of loss) will incur additional fees invoiced upon receipt of successful results


Excludes Policy Existence searches

  • 5 Personal Auto policy limits searches
  • 50% off specialty insurance carrier fees
  • 20% off aged dates of loss fees



Get in touch for a custom quote

We will analyze your service needs and usage volume to negotiate a custom price for your firm. Enterprise pricing can be bundled to include combinations of the following:

  • Discounts on a per case basis
  • Discounts for cases submitted in bulk
  • Waived fees for specialty carriers
  • Waived fees for aged dates of loss
  • Expedited processing options

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