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* Less than 1% of clients reported discrepancies in returned info since January 2021

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* Over 35,000 client requests processed since opening in July of 2019

* $636,685,000+ in unknown insurance coverage FOUND since 2021

The clients you represent have suffered enough with painful injuries. Your goal is to give them the best legal representation and fight for their fair compensation. When building a strong case, it’s important to be fully armed with relevant information that can help you command a courtroom or negotiate a settlement.

There’s one tool that attorneys are using now more than ever before – insurance tracing. With liability limit tracing services, policy existence tracing, and umbrella policy tracing, you will be in a better position to negotiate and do more for your clients.

We help by providing a bigger picture that allows you to make the best decisions for every plaintiff. You’ll see the insurance coverage and insurance policy limits, allowing you to leverage a better settlement or verdict. Contact our team today to discover how our services for insurance information policy tracing can help you succeed.

Why Insurance Policy Tracing Is Essential

Insurance tracing is an essential step for the success of personal injury cases. It helps determine the insurance protection that a defendant has in place. There may be hidden policies or umbrella policy coverage in addition to liability insurance that can be used to maximize compensation for a client.

You spend your days fighting with insurance companies to obtain what is fair. When you get to the discovery process, you can come armed with this vital information. This means you will know what the maximum amount is in advance, an instrumental tool in negotiating the right level of compensation for a client with severe injuries.

Through deep searches, we can help you determine the existence of insurance coverage and the insurance policy limits to pursue the money your clients deserve. Our experts at Pacific Liability Research give you the leading edge through tracing services. Whether you have a product liability, car accident, dog bite, or another type of personal injury case, we keep you one step ahead of the insurance company in your pursuit of justice.

Paving The Way

The leader in professional networking and resource integration

The network of professional contacts and resources at Pacific Liability Research plays a crucial role in our ability to uncover valuable insurance assessments and evaluations. By having established relationships with experts in various fields, we tap into a network of extensive knowledge and experience. These experts help us to provide insurance information and insights that may be crucial to understanding complex liability issues or technical aspects of a personal injury case. 

Your Trusted Resource

The leading provider of insurance policy existence and policy limit tracing services. Our extensive research capability allows our experts to sift through multiple software systems, databases, and resources. With this access, we cross-check and verify the insurance policies we find. You’ll have powerful insights that enable you to achieve better success in negotiating settlements or taking it to court.

What if the tables were turned? What if you could offer your client a customized treatment plan based off applicable insurance covering the accident . ]
Plaintiff attorneys, stop waiting in the dark. Don't wait until it's too late to learn about insurance policy information. This valuable data is most effective when obtained in advance. Going into discovery without knowledge of liability coverage, policy limits, or policy existence will only result in wasted time and increased costs. Don't take unnecessary risks with your firm's success.


The Insurance Policy Tracing Process

At Pacific Liability Research, we are the leading provider of insurance policy existence and policy limit tracing services. Our extensive research capability allows our experts to sift through multiple software systems, databases, and resources. With this access, we cross-check and verify the insurance policies we find. You’ll have powerful insights that enable you to achieve better success in negotiating settlements or taking it all the way to court.

Many attorneys wait until discovery to learn about insurance policy information, but by then it could be too late. This data is most effective when you have it in advance. Going to discovery without knowing liability coverage, policy limits, or policy existence means you spend more time and incur more costs. This old way of doing things creates a greater risk for your firm.

Turn the tables on the defendant and go into it knowing this vital information first. You can also use it to determine whether or not you should take on a particular case. You should note that there are no guarantees that the policy was in existence on the specific date of loss, but it may return the information you need to win a case.

Engaging Experts in Insurance Policy Tracing

The information you can get through determining policy existence for liability insurance will save time in the long run. It’s an invaluable tool for those in the legal industry, giving you more leverage to command compensation that is fair for every client.

Representing injury victims means that you see suffering and pain every day. Policy insurance tracing allows you to do more for them by knowing the limits in advance and knowing how much each case is worth. It’s time to get the upper hand in negotiations. Contact Pacific Liability Research today and let our experts show you the difference these services can make in your personal injury cases.

Why Choose Pacific Liability Research for Insurance Tracing

Our business revolves around providing services that push the limits on discovery. Every personal injury attorney works hard to investigate their cases to take charge. The information you uncover can change the outcome, though it is time-consuming. And without the right resources, you may miss out on crucial details like a hidden policy or higher limits.

When it comes to policy tracing, we set the industry standard, going above and beyond to find what you need. We are the market leader in policy tracing services and provide our expertise on a no-fee basis. This means that we don’t charge you if we cannot successfully complete the tracing request.

Contact Pacific Liability Research today to set up a free consultation where you will learn more about how our business works to give attorneys the key to success when fighting for justice for every plaintiff.



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Accident involving DUI hit and run, the defendant was later apprehended. We believe their bodily injury coverage to be a minimum of $250,000 plus possible Umbrella coverage. The defendant might be associated with other addresses, but listed is the only address we have. We believe this is a personal insurance policy but it might be a commercial policy.


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the apprehended defendant's insurance coverage and confirmed the client's suspicions of a bodily injury liability policy worth $250,000/$500,000. Also discovered was a personal Umbrella policy covering the claim, with a limit of $1,000,000.


In as little as one business day, results pertaining to the claim in question were found and submitted. Our client was then able to demand and negotiate a fair settlement for his injured client who was not at fault for the accident. 


This is a tragic single car crash, which resulted in a wrongful death. The defendant was insured by Geico and died in the crash. We have no info on him. No CDL, no address, no date of birth. 


Pacific Liability Research conducted a search of the deceased defendant's insurance coverage, discovering bodily injury liability with limits of $15,000/$30,000. 


Successful results in a timely manner allowed our client to utilize resources in as little as 12 business hours from the time he submitted his request. 

Skilled Claims Experts

Closing in on 1 BILLION in coverage found

To date, our highly trained research staff has located and identified over $636,685,000 in previously unknown coverage, giving our attorneys the ability to confidently guide their clients through the treatment of their injuries and maximizing the fair compensation and settlement to which they are legally entitled.

Policy Limits (3)

Liability evaluations

Evaluation of the at-fault party's applicable liability coverage so you know exactly what your client is entitled to in fair compensation.

Policy Limits (4)

Ensure maximum settlements

Execute custom treatment plans based on available coverage for your clients increasing their ability to reach a maximum settlement offer.

Policy Limits (5)

Quality Assurance

Multiple software systems, databases, resources, and company contacts are used to crosscheck and verify each request by the date of loss for quality assurance and accuracy.

Policy Limits (8)-1

Requested results within hours

Expedited delivery options for when you need vital information fast.


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